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Carolina Industrial Equipment

309B Hawkins Rd. Travelers Rest, SC 29690 sales@www.if-con.com
864-660-1020 - 800-933-5705 - Fx 864-660-1022

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01. P-7501-1HPDrive Motor
02. B-2146 Motor Mount
03. P-1701 Compression Spring
04. P-Gear Reducer
05. P-Reducer Pulley
06. P-0501 V-Belt
07. P-0602 Motor Pulley
08. C-2148 Belt Guard
09. B-2114 Vertical Table
10. P-1001 Pivot Shaft
11. B-2158 Support Leg
12. C-2179 Wheel Axle
13. B-2180 Blade Tension Adjuster
14. A-2181 Bearing Bolt
15. P-0130-05 Hex Nut, 516-18 thread
16.A-2174 Blade Guide Carriage, R.H.
17. B-2118 Angled Leg
18. B-2121 Blade Guide
19. P-0113-07 Flat Washer, for 5/16 bolt
20. P-1305-1 Blade Guide Bearing
21. A-2182 Eccentric Bolt
22. A-2175 Blade Guide Carriage, L.H.
23. B-2110 Blade Guide
24. B-2155 Guide Block
25. B-2183 Blade Guide Lock
26. C-2161 Cover, L.H.
27. C-2106 Adjustment Bracket
28. B-2185 Guide Block
P-8101 On-Off Switch
30.1 C-2186-01 Blade Wheel, L.H. w/Bearing
30.2 C-2186-02 Blade Wheel, R.H.
30.3 A-2192 Keystock
31. P-1211 Setscrew Collar
32. P-0008-09 Hex Jamnut, 7/8" - 14 thread
33.1 P-2101-1 Saw Blade, 6 T.P.I.
33.2 P-2102-1 Saw Blade, 8 T.P.I.
33.3 P-2103-1 Saw Blade, 10 T.P.I. nm
33.4 P-2104-1 Saw Blade, 14 T.P.I.
33.5 P-2105-1 Saw Blade, 18 T.P.I. nm
34. D-2163 Back Panel
35. P-0102-29 Hex Head Cap Screw, 3/8 - 16 thread x 3/4 long
36. B-2187 Vertical Support Leg
37. C-2162 Cover, R.H.
38. P-0141-01 Clevis Pin
39. P-0142-01 Cotter Pin
40. P-5301 Clevis Block
41. P-0102-39 Stud Bolt
42. P-5101 Descent Cylinder
43. P-0901 Automatic Stop Support
44. A-2189 Switch Actuator
45. C-110 Control Box
46. B-2152 Clamp Rack
47. B-2153 Clamp Bar
48. B-2154 Clamp Clevis
49. C-2190 Moveable Vise Jaw
50.C-2191 Stationary Vise Jaw
51.A-2122 Vise Adjustment Nut
52. A-2123 Vise Slide Plate
53. A-2124 Vise Lock Plate
54. C-2143 Saw Bed
55. C-2141 Base Pan
56. P-1702 Counterbalance Spring
57. P-0510-01 Spring Adjuster Eyebolt
58. P-0136-02 Wingnut, 3/8" - 16 thread
59. C-2142 Pan Support Leg
60. B-2184 Vise Adjusting Rod
61. P-0140-70 Rollpin, 3/16 diameter x 1" long
62. B-2150 Handwheel
63. C-2143-1 Panel
64. DP-124 Sump-Splash Guard
65. P-090T Drain Elbow with Tube

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